mardi 12 mai 2009

Gola X Christian Lacroix

You might say i'm late on this... you might have seen these a long time ago... but did you read that great quote from Christian Lacroix talking about his colab with UK's Gola??

"Les baskets sont à l’homme du XXIe siècle ce que le gilet multicolore était au dandy du XIXe, c’est-à-dire un signe distinctif, une signature personnelle."

(For you folks who don't speak French : Sneakers are, to the 21st century man, what multicolored jerseys where to the 19th century dandy; a distinctive sign, a signature.)

quote from

oh, and btw, i personnally own a pair from Gola's previous collection (the Dodge in "pied-de-poule" material/black/red) ... real comfortable, great look, great assembly. Gotta own at least 1 pair in your collection.

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