vendredi 25 juin 2010

Kid Cudi new single - Revofev

this was released as the first single of Cudi's next album "Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager" that should be out somewhere in september.

KiD CuDi - REVOFEV (Produced by Plain Pat) by Hypetrak

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  1. Sasha from Sundtrak here...

    Right off the bat, I want to claim that glam rock should have never been considered music. That garbage is an outright insult to anything that produces sound, including dishwashers and vacuums. Absolutely nothing evolved from that "musical" hack job made popular by Bret Michaels and the untalented shitheads from Twisted Sister. Even Van Halen is very substandard when it comes to rock music.

    Also Disco never died. It was just renamed House music, and if you know your House chronology, a certain Larry Levan and his best buddy Frankie Knuckles come up right at hour 0. I would suggest to check out some Salsoul a la Paradise Garage. You will see how the early stage of House music, right up until 85-ish, was just REALLY solid Disco music. You know, the happy and sexy shit that makes want to rip a girl's clothes off and touch her in places.

    As for new hip-hop, the only guy who can call himself a bonafide artist (artist meaning playing the music, writing the lyrics, perfecting the sound, etc.) is Kanye. He may take shit far at times, but he knows what he is talking about BECAUSE he has that old school mentality and base needed for good hip-hop. Cudi can first thank the Crookers for Day n Night's success, and then Kanye for giving him props. And the same counts for that Degrassi kid. But when it comes down to artistic integrity and the know-how, today's hip-hop "artist" is a far cry from what I have grown up listening to. They lack the anger and the hunger that, for example, a Mos Def still makes evident in his music. He cares about stuff that goes on today and does an amazing job painting the current picture.

    I understand that not everyone can or should strive for that Bob Dylan-esque musical mentality, but I do believe that a musician as big as Cudi is now HAS to put childish things aside and grow some balls similar to "George Bush does not care about Black people." I cannot take Kid Cudi serious as a hip-hop artist if he makes a track like "Memories." You can call him a pop star at best. And that is what he will remain as.

    I am looking at your blog and noticing a lot of support for these new artists, which is cool. A great deal of them make decent music, but I have one question: how have they enlightened you?